Monday, 23 July 2012

Day 1 food diary

Todays intake was disastrous! No wonder my weight keeps going up!

Two chocolate chip muffins
A salad

Toasted bun with Marmite and butter
1 banana and 2 mandarins
1 chocolate muffin
2 glasses milk or was it 3?

Afternoon Tea
a Diet Coke
Butter Chicken wrap (was out with friends)

A piece of schnitzel
assorted vegetables
A bread bun with 2 slices cheese and mashed potato
1/2 box salt and vinegar rice crackers
1 chocolate muffin
1 glass juice
2 glasses milk
1 cup of tea

See? Terrible! Still, its probably good to have a few crappy days where you guys can see what my starting point was like. Usually my diet is 90% good with a few bad things thrown in, but today was bad, even for me. Bad, but delicious.

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