Done Being The Fat Girl

-I’m DONE clearing my plate when I’m not hungry -I’m DONE being a size 18 -I’m DONE basing my self-worth on what other people think. Mine and God’s opinions are the only ones that matter. -I’m DONE making excuses. -I’m DONE having people say they believe in me, than letting than down by giving up. -I’m DONE avoiding girls that are prettier than me. -I’m DONE getting lectured about my weight when I go to the doctors. -I’m DONE wearing headphones in public so I can’t hear what people are saying about me. -I’m DONE being ”the cute one”. -I’m DONE drinking soda. -I’m DONE putting crap in my body. -I’m DONE dragging an extra 100lbs around. -I’m DONE letting the diet police boss me around. -I’m DONE rocking a double chin. -I’m DONE with covering the pain… Here’s to Emotional Gain! -I’m DONE wanting to cry in the dressing room. -I am DONE being in denial about what I ate during the day. I will take responsibility for what I put in my mouth and TRACK it! -I’m DONE runnng out of clothes that fit. -I’m DONE watching other members weight tickers go down, but not my own. -I’m DONE destroying my teeth. -I’m DONE feeling run down all the time. -I’m DONE feeling somewhat inferior and comparing myself to smaller, thinner women. -I’m DONE slinking to the back row (to hide) in group photos. -I’m DONE being lazy! -I’m DONE being the fat friend. -I’m DONE being the fat sister -I’m DONE eating my feelings. -I’m DONE procrastinating about working out -I’m DONE waiting for the rest of my life to begin. -I’m DONE being tired. -I’m DONE hiding every time a camera comes out -I’m DONE buying clothes in sizes I am embarassed by at the register -I’m DONE being the sidekick. -I’m DONE watching life pass me by. -I’m DONE feeling uncomfortable in my own body! -I’m DONE with fat people clothes. -I’m DONE cringing with embarassment and running for cover whenever I see someone I haven’t seen for a while. -I’M DONE with letting negative people ruin my life! -I’M DONE living in the past. -I’M DONE being in the 200’s -I’M DONE being judged on the way I look -I’M DONE being unfit -I’m DONE being undesirable -I’m DONE looking 14 (I’m 21) -I’M DONE paying more for something that I could make at home myself. -I’M DONE with people thinking I can’t play soccer, basketball, dance, do push ups, or run just because I don’t LOOK athletic. -I’M DONE with letting people feel sorry for me -I’M DONE with mediocrity (I deserve the best!!!) -I’M DONE letting others define me. -I’M DONE having five different clothing sizes in my wardrobe -I’m DONE ruining pants because my thighs rub together and wear down the fabric. -I’M DONE setting a bad example for my parents -I’M DONE trying to lose weight to make someone else happy -I’M DONE pushing back my dreams. -I’M DONE with having more rolls than a baker -I’M DONE skipping workouts -I’M DONE putting stuff off for another day -I’M DONE being in the obese BMI range! -I’M DONE from running away from my problems :)

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