Monday, 16 July 2012


I've been talking about gyms with my parents. I would really like to go to the Aquatic Centre one, because they have a pool, classes and a gym which is what I was used to in my hometown, and I took full advantage of all the facilities. They also had a sauna and steam room! Win! It was only $15 a week.
Instead, they would prefer me to use the University one because its $20 a fortnight for a premium membership, and I will be able to meet people my own age. Bah! I don't like the idea of people striking up a conversation with me, then finding out that I'm an uneducated fool. Plus, there will probably be lots of people.
The gym does sound good though. There's everything I want except possibly the sauna/steam room thing, which is a shame. They even have zumba! They have a pilates intro course which runs for 6 (?) weeks, but its $70 and its only one night a week. I'm not sure if its worth it or not, but I would definitely meet people.

Anyway, that's all I have to say about that for now. Since I have a car, going to the gym seems like more of a possibility than it was a month ago.

I've had a few arguments with my parents about food. I really want to get my own groceries, but they would prefer it if I give them some money each week. They pay about 2/3s of my grocery bill because I can't afford to contribute more. The problem is, that my mum doesn't buy a lot of foods I like, and I feel like I am lacking freedom. I loved living on my own because I had full control over my diet, I could eat chocolate everyday and I was losing a good amount of weight. At home, we have sausages once a week, which is not something I'm a fan of. The problem is, I was paying $70 a week for food when I lived on my own, but since the Rugby World Cup and all the problems with the economy, prices have skyrocketed. There were a few people in Healthy Food Guide that only pay $20 a week for groceries, but I have no idea how they manage that. Since we are living on a lifestyle block now, we will eventually grow our own fruit and vegetables, but we can only eat whats in season. Now it costs about $150 a week to feed one person, according to my sister at least. That's money I just don't have.

Still, I've made some progress. Mum has said I can have a small amount of chicken with lunch or some tuna, I am allowed to prepare my own meals and she will try to include me a bit more in the weekly shop. Two weeks ago, we arranged so each of the girls cook two nights a week, and on the last night, either Dad cooks, or Mum cooks an extra night. Should make things a bit easier for her.

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