Monday, 23 July 2012

Just some thoughts

-I need to start being pickier with my clothing choices. Some of this has been due to lack of funds, which explains buying things made out of cheap fabric, but I need to buy things that suit my body, so theres more of a demand for it in my body. Even when I was a slim, young girl, I had trouble finding things long enough for my torso and arms. I have a few jackets and coats now and they only go about two thirds down my lower arm, which really isn't good enough. Why is everything, even the bigger sizes, all modelled after girls who are probably only 5'3? What good is that for those who are 5'6 and up? (I'm 5'8). I shouldn't have to shop in special stores to find coats that fit, I'm not THAT tall.

-Why did I eat so badly today? Was it because I knew I wasn't joining the gym until tomorrow and there would be no exercise today? Is that any excuse to put off healthy eating?

-Somehow I've been calling what I've been doing a lifestyle change, without really changing anything. A lifestyle change should mean that your whole life changes and is impacted. You need to do everything different, not just diet and exercise. That means, getting out of the house, taking up new classes, meeting different sorts of people, finding things to do instead of sitting in front of the tv and computer, setting goals for yourself etc. I've found that when I try to just change my diet and exercise, I'm not fully focused on change, I only remember that I'm trying to do things differently for about twenty minutes a day, so nothing really changes. If I schedule in different activities everyday, and spend time either there or getting ready to go there, then I'll always be as focused as I need to be. Just arranging to get off three or four bus stops earlier or park further away from the mall isn't going to be enough, unless I'm making lots of changes like that.

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