My Height: 5'8,
Shape: A Pear, although more of an Apple at my top weight (defined as carrying fat around your middle).


If I'm honest, I haven't settled on a goal weight. Its been so long since I've been in shape and at a healthy size, that I honestly don't know what I look like as a slim person. I want a strong, fit body that can do amazing things. I want a toned stomach, pin arms, a tight butt, strong collar bones and hip bones that stick out slightly. I don't want to see any ribs or look like I will blow over in the wind. I want to fit into and look good in clothes from any regular store I walk into. I would love to be somewhere between a size 6-12 (if I'm honest). My goal size is a 10. The smallest size I have been in recent years is a 14, and the biggest is an NZ sized 18 (which is what I am now).

My goal weight is between 63 and 70 kilos. I think I will have to decide what is right to me when I am there. As a child, I was always at the top of the healthy weight range, and I looked good, but I want to know what its like being ''small'' rather than slightly bigger than average but healthy. I think my views of my body are distorted from always being taller than my friends and having a bigger frame.

Here's to a better tomorrow!

Note: There's weight stats/goals in pounds and in stones down the bottom for all you Americans/Brits out there. The reason everything is in kilograms, is because I'm a New Zealander, and I will probably be the main person viewing this page.

High Weight (110ish kilos)

Total Weight to Lose

1st Goal Weight
Lose 10%
1. Top 10 Reasons to Drop 10
2. How to Lose 10% Body Weight
3. What Weight Watchers Has to Say

Old Highest Weight (100 kilos)
Shouldn't be too hard to get to...


To Look Good in My Clothes Again

Weight to Beat (85 kilos)
Apparently I liked the yellow sweatshirt alot...






Healthy Weight Range

Total Weight to Lose
My goal weight is between 63 and 70 kilos. I'm not sure which weight I'll look best at yet.

For You Brits
Start Weight: 17st 8.7lbs
Ultimate Goal Weight: 9st 12.9lb
Weight to Lose: 7st 9.8lb
First Goal Weight: 16st 7.5lb
10% Goal: 1st 10.5lb
Old Highest Weight: 15st 10.5lb
To Look Good in My Clothes Again: 14st 13.4lb
Weight to Beat: 13st 5.4lb
In the Healthy Weight Range: 11st 12.4lb

For You Americans
Start Weight: 246.7lbs
Ultimate Goal Weight: 138.9lbs
Weight to Lose: 107.8lbs
First Goal Weight: 231.5lbs
10% Goal: 24.5lbs
Old Highest Weight: 220.5lbs
To Look Good in My Clothes Again: 209.4lbs
Weight to Beat: 187.4lbs
In the Healthy Weight Range: 166.4lbs

For You New Zealanders/Australians etc

1 lbs= 0.5 kilos
1 stone= 6.3 kilos
1 kilo= 2.2lbs

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