Monday, 16 July 2012

Strategies for July/August 2012

Only Drink Water
I drink an insane amount of milk. I probably go through 1-2 litres a day without any assistance. I always seem to crave it, I guess its just as much a food as it is a drink. Don't worry, we get skim. I don't think it tastes as good as it used to though. We found out my Dad has Osteoporosis this year, so maybe my body is trying to stock up on calcium to avoid me inheriting such a condition? I also drink a lot of tea, which isn't so much of a problem. Honestly, its been a real blessing because I struggle to drink straight water. I find Diet Coke/Pepsi addictive, but we don't tend to have it in the house. I am also a big fan of Tomato Juice. Oh, and Chocolate Milkshakes- just the ''Make a Shake'' powder and milk though. I only drink Alcohol once or twice a year, and I don't really enjoy it.

Keep My Eating Hours Between 7:30am and 6:30pm
Most of my eating probably happens when everyone else is in bed. I often have trouble sleeping, or just enjoy being up at night time because I don't have anyone around, telling me what to do or distracting me. 20-40% of my food intake can happen after dinner if I'm not being careful. Its not surprising, sometimes I don't have my first bit of food until 4pm!

Do This Every Morning After Waking Up and Every Night Before Going to Bed
• 200 punches (alternating, in a medium squat)
• 15 push ups (against a wall or chair if you need)
• 20 squats
• 1 minute of jumping jacks
• 1 minute of skipping straight up
• 1 minute of lunges
• 1 minute of skipping straight up (again!)
• 1 minute of jumping jacks (again)
• 100 crunches!
    -26 "normal", 24 alternating sides, 25 with legs extended up, then 25 normal.

The lovely @tennisx92 on came up with this list. It was in this board topic- Little Things That Add Up

Snack on Fruits/Vegetables/Yoghurt/Toast
Because most ''snack food'' seems to be between 300-600 calories, and that isn't a snack, its a meal! Apparently the French don't snack at all, they have 3-4 main meals a day, and they like to savour every bite. Apparently some schools have three course meals at lunch time! I'm not a great cook and since I don't really know how to live that way, I'll stick with my snacks- I'll just try and make better choices!

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