Weight Loss Rewards
100kg Get highlights in hair updated
95kg New dress and shoes
90kg $30 iTunes voucher
85kg New workout clothes
80kg Wii, Just Dance and Just Dance 2
75kg New clothes and running shoes
70kg New pair of boots
65kg $50 iTunes voucher

63kg [Goal]

New wardrobe from opshops, parents etc
More games for the Wii
Ankle boots
Capsule Wardrobe

Mantained the weight for one year-
New wardrobe from the highstreet
Mantained the weight for two years- No idea.
Mantained the weight for five years- Holiday in Gold Cost, Australia

Other possible rewards (if some other options are too expensive!!!): Medicine Ball, New Taylor Swift CD

 Routine Rewards

Drink 8 glasses of water over 24 hours- $0.50 in a jar
5 minutes on the xtrainer- $0.50 in the jar
Remember to take my pills for a week $1 in the jar
2 Weeks without missing a walk- New CD
A Week without eating past 8pm- New DVD

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