Sunday, 22 July 2012

Week 1 Measurements

Height: 174cms/5'8

Weight:111.8 kilos/246.4lbs

Upper Arm:36cms
Knee: 46cms/48cms
Below Bust:107cms

Waist to Hip Ratio: 0.95
Needs to be below 0.80
BMI: 37.46

Since I took measurements earlier in the year, I have gained about 9 kilos. Its interesting seeing the difference in measurements, I had added a lot less cms to different parts of my body than I would have expected. The biggest difference was on my stomach, which shouldn't have been so much of a surprise! Thats always been my worst area, even when I was slim I had a big gut. Some parts of my body were the same.

It makes me wonder how much difference there will be between now and getting to my goal weight, since the measurements between now and the measurements I mentioned weren't so different. I guess they'll have to be pretty different if I want to go down several clothing sizes!

I'm planning on joining the gym this week

Oh, and my food today so far as has been 2 chocolate chip muffins (home made, so they weren't as big as you would expect, but still, not the best start to the day!), a salad with dressing and a glass of milk.

I'm really happy, because this week I'm getting signed to an employment agency, a friend I haven't seen for ten years is visiting (which is a long time when you're 22!) and we got our first deep freezer in three years after living in England! Yay! Now I can make meals in bulk and freeze it! (I guess its pretty obvious what I'm most excited about... sad)

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